Posted September 27, 2020 ===========================

ODMA Show and Tour Schedule Moves Forward to 2021…

Circling back around to you all on the ODMA Meet and Special Fall National date conflict, I was momentarily distressed (as I am sure you all were) for our Roanoke Valley Region ODMA Meet at Natural Bridge, especially since Shenandoah Region had to cancel the ODMA Tour! However, the Roanoke Valley and Shenandoah Valley Regions are due HUGE kudos for their flexibility and respect paid to our parent organization and we will have the opportunity to enjoy and experience both great events rather than to cancel forever all the work that went into the 2020 planning by the Roanoke Valley and the Shenandoah Valley Regions.

After much discussion with all affected parties, the decision has been made to move both 2020 ODMA events forward to 2021 – the Roanoke Valley Region Meet at Natural Bridge and the Shenandoah Valley Region Tour. As a result, the entire ODMA Event Hosting rotation schedule will move forward one year in its entirety. We think this approach should work well for everyone involved and specific dates and schedules for each event are in the works and I will let everyone know as soon as things are settled. For the moment, please share this information with your clubs and remind them if they have made reservations at Natural Bridge to please cancel them.

We are also excited as more really special news is currently in the works- so stay in touch and you’ll be the first to know the outcome!

Debbie Nolen, President


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